You can request the My Fortiva card by filling out the application on this page. You can manage your Fortiva credit ID and pay your bills using the www.myfortiva.com mobile app. Fortiva’s app makes it easy to log into your Fortiva account online via 3G, 4G, and even 2G networks.


Even if you have poor credit or none at all, you can obtain secured credit cards that require a security deposit. With Fortiva’s credit card, however, you can enjoy an unsecured card without putting down a deposit, even if your credit score isn’t perfect. A fee is charged for the service, but your payment history is reported to the credit bureaus, so you can build your credit, and you can also view your credit history online.

Know The Features

  • When applying for a credit card, people with low credit scores must make a deposit. At Fortiva, you do not have to make a deposit for a credit card.
  • You can easily access your credit history with a MyFortiva credit card.
  • For more information about setting up an automated online payment system with your Fortiva credit card account, log into your Fortiva credit card account.
  • You can also redeem rewards and track your points.
  • My Fortiva account notifications can be sent to a MyFortiva credit card.
  • Using your MyFortiva credit card, you can review your old and new transactions.
  • Among the features of the Fortiva credit card are the ability to transfer funds and download bank statements.
  • Due to Fortiva’s fraud liability policy, you don’t have to worry about using the card without being liable. You are monitored by three credit bureaus.

They can also offer other helpful services, such as reissuing credit cards if a customer’s card was lost or stolen. They will answer general questions about card processing and issue transaction instructions. Establish accounts without requiring a deposit; Provide advice on other Fortiva products.