With headquarters in the United States, My Fortiva is a leading financial services organization. Around 500 employees work for Fortiva, which provides loans for furniture, electronics, and medicines, as well as financial and second-sight loans. There are alternative lending solutions available through Fortiva.


A line of credit is understandably appealing to people with limited resources, but potential applicants should be wary of the high-interest rate. For the Fortiva credit card, there is no security deposit; instead, there is a high maintenance fee and an annual fee that cost over $100 per year.

Additionally, the Fortiva Mastercard has significantly higher costs than other credit cards. The cardholder’s situation cannot be improved even though the card is viewed as a bad credit card. There is no automatic deposit refund consideration or built-in credit limit increase beyond a certain amount of on-time payments.

In addition to credit cards, Fortiva offers other services. In addition to credit cards, Fortiva offers non-performing loans. The company belongs to the financial services sector and is a subsidiary of Atlanticus Holdings Corp. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Fortiva was founded in 2009.

Fortiva Mastercard is a hard-to-find unsecured credit card for people with bad credit. The card has all the functionality of a credit card (you can make transfers and cash advances), as well as Mastercard protection, however, it can cause more harm than good if the cardholder misuses it.


With all of Fortiva’s fees, the most concerning aspect of the card is the fact that it does not provide credit limit increases. In addition to reporting to three credit bureaus, the card has one advantage: it reports to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Depending on your creditworthiness at the time of your application, you may be assigned a credit limit that is too small to handle midsized purchases, let alone a credit line large enough to increase your FICO score (a factor that improves your credit rating).