Bill Payment Methods

Fortiva cards are not as easy to get as they sound, as the potential cardholder must first have a pre-approved offer code. The card comes with a monthly or one-time fee, but once you get it you won’t have to deposit hundreds of dollars as a security deposit.


My Fortiva credit card users can log in online and manage their Fortiva accounts. Once logged in through the Fortiva app, you can manage your Fortiva payment, apply for a new loan, and more from home. Using all agency services does not require you to visit us in person.

Various Payment Methods

Paying with a Fortiva credit card involves setting up an account to make other necessary payments. Discover how to monitor your card and track all transactions. Another effective way to use as a customer is to create a new Fortiva account.

  • Create an account by going to through any browser of your choice.
  • Start an account with card information such as card number, name as it appears on the credit card, credit card security number, last 4 digits of your primary SSN.
  • Click Submit to view another phase of the online registration.
  • Once you’ve successfully registered your Fortiva credit card, your credit offer will be available for emergencies and international transactions with additional fees.

Pay Bills By Mail

Your payment should be sent to the following address:

Payment process,

TO POST. PUBLISH. Box 790156, Saint-Louis, MO 63179-0105.


Pay By Phone

Fortiva’s customer service telephone number for payments is 1-800-245-7741.

At this point, you can complete your payment in one of the three ways listed above.

In addition to general assistance, such as answering questions about card processing and issuing transaction instructions, employees who work there can also offer other useful services, such as sending replacement credit cards. Activate accounts without leaving a deposit; Advice on other Fortiva products and more.